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Janie Hanson



Meet Janie Hanson 

I grew up in Southern California on a dairy farm with over a thousand milking cows. A farm never sleeps, so at a young age, I learned the value of hard work. Earlier in my life, selling construction materials and then marble & granite to building contractors, as well as specifying to Architects. I have always loved building and the housing market. I have bought fixed-up, built our current home, and sold many homes starting at the young age of 18. I moved to the Santa Cruz area in the early 90s after meeting my husband, who is from a local Santa Cruz Family.

Why I’m different 

Leveraging my experience in construction and building, I have a thorough first-hand understanding of what it takes to build a home, stay on budget, and, more importantly, understand and troubleshoot the building inspection reports. I am honest and straightforward with my clients. I tell my clients the things they might not want to hear but need to understand during the purchase or sale of a home. From the beginning of my career in Real Estate, I have been a Top Producing agent for many years in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area and pride myself on hard, honest work.

History of being an agent

I have had the privilege of being an agent that trains “newer” agents after they have obtained their licenses.   I believe that Communication needs to be always informative and kind.   When I was expanding my business and needed an honest, hard-working, thoughtful bright team and when I found the perfect fit.  David Lyng team agents have long, successful sales careers.  The agents of David Lyng can bring an incredible feel and set of eyes to our partnership, have brought us much success, and is another complement to the firm belief in customer service. 

I Believe in Giving Back

Our belief is based on the concept of giving. To support the best of our community, I have always given 1% of gross commissions to charitable or community-minded groups to make a positive difference in the communities we serve. This core belief is a crucial reason I feel proud to be associated with this great group of people in my community. 

In My Free Time

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, mainly with my husband and kids Paige, Paul, Khalen, and now my grandson… I often find my friends become part of my family. I love to host holidays and often invite my friends and contractors, clients I work with. My family is small, so I enjoy expanding my off time with my closest work family.  I also love the great outdoor activities, hiking, music, beach volleyball, and biking. Bowling has been a long-standing fun activity, and I have been on a woman’s bowling team over the years.  My relaxing time is always by the water; for this reason, I love living in California.  One of my favorite places is Fallen Leaf Lake in Tahoe, where we have a beautiful family home from generations starting with our grandparents Casper & Dixie Hanson.  

Our Mission Statement

Creating a long-term relationship is far more valuable than a single transaction.